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Provide institutional level liquidity services and OTC trading services. According to altonomy, the company is a bitcoin futures liquidity service provider designated by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, providing customers with more than 250 digital currency trading services. Altonomy is also a market maker digital currency started crypto currencyof major stable currencies such as usdcoin, usdt, trueusd and Paxos standard. Altonomy just launched altminer, a new cloud computing power product, earlier this month.

Mykeymykey, the first multi chain smart wallet in the world, has supported Ethereum, EOS and wave field chain. MyKey identity management aims to provide an easy-to-use, secure and fault-tolerant solution to solve the problem of user's private key management and establish the user's identity on the blockchain. MyKey scheme is between the centralized custody scheme and completely handing over the custody responsibility to the users, and has made several innovations. 1. Permission separation settings. MyKey divides the user's permissions on the chain into management permissions and operation permissions. Operation authority is used for daily operations, such as transfer, mortgage, etc. Management authority is the highest authority of an account, but it can only modify the user's permission, but not directly operate the account assets and daily operations. 2. Hierarchical key management. Once the MyKey management private key (recovery code) is exported, it will be stored offline forever. We recommend that users copy multiple copies or use hardware wallet management. The operation private key is closely bound to the user's smart phone, so the user does not need to care about the details of the technology implementation, but only needs to provide the account password or the correct biometrics to retrieve the operation private key. 3. Delay recovery mechanism. In order to avoid the immediate consequences caused by the loss of private key, MyKey needs a certain delay when changing the private key. At the same time, MyKey provides an emergency contact mechanism. After passing the out of chain identity authentication, the emergency contact can help quickly replace the key, or help to regain the management authority (with delay) when the management private key is lost. 4. Risk response system. Based on the previous points, under MyKey system,

South Korea's central bank launched a pilot digital currency program last month for 22 months to the end of next year, Yonhap reported. The goal of the pilot program is to create a virtual environment to examine how the central bank's digital currency works. This year, it will focus on design, technical review, business process analysis and consultation, and the project will be implementeddigital currency started crypto currency next year. The report quoted a South Korean official as saying that there is no need to issue a central bank digital currency in the near future, but if internal and external conditions change, a quick response must be made.

The digital asset trading platform of coin and coin blockchain leads the innovation mode of currency transaction, provides users with more secure and convenient digital currency exchange service, and aggregates global high-quality digital currency,

Mars finance also operates cryptocurrency exchange business through consensus lab. Previously, Mars finance completed round a and round a + respectively in March and may 2018, with investors including IDG capital, ceyuan capital, blue hadigital currency started crypto currencyrbor interaction, pan city capital, OK capital, firecoin global ecological fund, Mingshi capital, Zihui venture capital, Detong capital, Manzi fund and Mengxin technology. Wang Feng, founder of Mars finance and economics, is also the founder and chairman of the Hong Kong listed company Blue Harbor interactive group. The total market value of the game business of blue port interactive is only HK $265 million.