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Former president Zhou Xiaochuan attended and delivered a speech at the 10th Caixin summit today. Talking about the cendigital currency is mineabletral bank's digital currency, Zhou Xiaochuan said that the central bank's digital currency will mainly focus on its own country and may pay more attention to wholesale,

This year, Chengdu will continue to maintain steady growth, improve quality and efficiency, and accelerate the construction of a modern economic system. One of the key words of the report is finance. Among them, Chengdu will accelerate the construction of blockchain intellectual property pledge financing service platform, promote the establishment of digital asset trading center, and solidly promote the pilot project of legal digital currency. Another key word is new economy. For example, Chengdu will actively promote the construction of national digital economy innovation and development pilot area and national new generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot area, accelerate the development of blockchain, 5g, 8K, artificial intelligence and other industries, cultivate emerging business forms such as intelligent medical care, intelligent education and unmanned economy, and plan to implement a number of new infrastructure construction projects.

The Senate Banking Committee announced that it would hold a hearing on July 30 to examine the regulatory framework of digital currency and blockchain, which will be attended by Jeremy Allaire, digital currency is mineablecircle CEO, Rebecca Nelson, international trade and international finance expert, and mehrsa baradaran, a professor of law at the University of California.

The State Council has printed and distributed the overall plan for China () pilot free trade zone. The plan proposes to promote financial technology innovation, support the people's Bank of China digital currency Institute to set up a financial technology center, build a legal digital currency Experimental Zone and digital financial system, rely on the trade finance blockchain platform of the people's Bank of China, form a trade finance blockchain standard system, and strengthen regulatory innovation. Build a financial technology application scenario test area and establish application scenario release mechanism.

Once the encryption ban is in place, people can still buy encrypted assets elsewhere, but the current version of the bill will not allow the government to protect their rights, the Ministry said. Encryption related companies will also be forced to leave Russia. Instead, legislators should take a different approach and try to create a controllable cryptocurrency market in Russia. Lianwen previously quoted Forbes as reporting that at the end of May this year, Russia's State Duma updated the draft bill on digital financial assets and some other documents related to encryption regulation, and digital currency is mineablepublicly consulted for opinions. The bill would ban the circulation, exploitation and public offering of all cryptocurrencies. Those who violate the relevant regulations will be punished by law. Anatoly aksaksakov, a member of Russia's State Duma, said Russia's new encryption law would not take effect until this summer. There will be no digital currency platform in Russia. However, blockchain technology itself is still feasible.

Moreover, the creation process can be divided into two ways: connotative creation and denotation creation. The innovation of monetary system and the development of digital currency based on human value. The human value management industry may be the most profitable industry in the future. Especially in the context of RMB industrialization, marketization and internationalization, the value industry based on blockchain technology will appear in China in the next 5 to 10 years. This industry is caused by the change of value function caused by the scientific and technological revolution, and through the digital economy and token economy, China will turn into the first industry of human beings Three times of civilization and scientific society have led to profound social changes, which may become a global benchmark.