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At present, we have collected more than 8000 hours of historical audio-visual news materials. We will update the best video data every day at the public terminals of Xinhua Finance and economics. The financial market will make use ofnew digital currency to watch the advantages of information production and information collection of Xinhua news agency and combine the financial data accumulated by various products of Xinhua Finance and economics to present the changes of financial market data in real time and accurately.

Guiding the green development of private enterprises, encouraging and stimulating social green consumption demand is the foundation, vigorously developing green finance is the key, and administrative measures such as reducing fees and tax, increasing policy subsidies are more important guidance.

On the 10th, corn, wheat and soybean futures prices rose on the Chicago futnew digital currency to watchures exchange.

The third is to know the risk of financial consumption or investment.

Through the public participation in the senew digital currency to watchlection activities, set up a number of good business environment, good financial ecology city model, and as a flaunt.

App culture paper issued a price increase letter. The company will increase the price of all kinds of paper and G heavy paper products produced by Jindong and Jinhai by 200 yuan / ton on the basis of November from December 1.

Finally, in tnew digital currency to watchhe fourth quarter of next year, the market will enter a resonant upward period.

The statement pointed out that the acquisition is not only a self-help and market-oriented investment launched by glory related industrial chain, but also an industry complementary.