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In an interview with Reuters, ryozo himino, the new FSA Commissioner, said that Japanese regulators had no plans to promote cryptocurrency transactions, including bitcoin, but called for Differential Digital Currency Fundmore attention to the central bank's digital currency (CBDC). He said deregulation would increase speculative trading and would not take measures to promote or promote cryptocurrency transactions. Lianwen previously reported that the Bank of Japan appointed kazushige Kamiyama, its chief economist, as head of the payment and settlement department, which oversees the central bank's digital currency. Seisaku Kameda will take over as chief economist and head of statistics at the Bank of Japan.

Bybit, the perpetual contract trading platform, announced that it had officially launched the new power plan for byhope trading. The plan aims to enable contract traders to master more professional trading knowledge and promote the healthy development of digital currency derivatives. Byhope plans to join hands with professional content creators in this field to provide traders with more professional contract trading knowledge and broader knowledge acquisition channels, and promote the sustainable development of derivatives trading market. At present, many currency circle trading giants such as canggongzi, Jimu and Teddy's gang leader have joined the program.

Compared with the typical DAG technology projects such as byteball, the system security is improved at the consensus level. According to block123.com, bitcoin, Ethereum. In bitcoin system, if different miner nodes generate multiple legal blocks at a certain time, only one block will be included in the blockchain account book as time goes by, and other legal blocks have to be eliminated, which means that the miner node consumes a lot Differential Digital Currency Fundof computing power but does not get any reward, that is, it is a waste of energy and it is difficult to improve the system throughput. In order to improve the speed of block output, Ethereum adopts ghost algorithm and designs the reward mechanism of tertiary block. While only one legal block is reserved in the chain ledger, other concurrent legal blocks are included as tertiary blocks in the ledger, and the tertiary block reward is given to make the system faster, more fair and smoother. However, in Ethereum, transactions in the Shu block are considered invalid, and the system throughput is still not high enough. Conflux adopts DAG technology, and the miner node can generate blocks in parallel / concurrent manner without worrying about the elimination or invalidation of legal blocks. At present, DAG technology is the only way to improve transaction concurrency and system throughput. Compared with the previous DAG technology projects, conflux tree diagram has made two important technical adjustments or improvements: 1. The vertex v of DAG ledger is block DAG, while vertex v of DAG ledger of byteball is a separate transaction TX DAG; 2. Conflux uses ghost algorithm to generate the main chain, which conflux calls pivot chain axis chain, while byteball uses witness method. The conflux consensus mechanism and experimental data are implemented under the bitcoin source code framework, that is, the algorithm of block generation follows the pow workload proof mechanism of bitcoin. According to the experimental data of conflux, the throughput can reach 5.78gb/s, the confirmation time is 4.5-7.4min, and the transaction speed is 6000tps. Its transaction speed is 11.62 times faster than ghost or bitcoin and 3.84 times higher than algorand. Conflux tree diagram blockchain view more, reach cooperation,

Once the MyKey management private key (recovery code) is exported, it will be stored offline forever. We recommend that users copy multiple copies or use hardware wallet management. The operation private key is closely bound to the user's smart phone, so the user does not need to care about the details of the technology implementation, but only needs to provide the account password or the correct biometrics to retrieve the operation private key. 3. Delay recovery mechanism. In order to avoid the immediate consequences caused by the loss of private key, MyKey needs a certain delay when changing the private key. At the same time, MyKey provides an emergency contact mechanism. After passing the out of chain identity authentication, the emergency contact can help quickly replace the key, or help to regain the management authority (with delay) when the management private key is lost. 4. Risk response system. Based on the previous points, under MyKey system, MyKey provides corresponding solutions for the risk events such as user negligence, hacker attack and theft, which can deal with most problems such as mobile phone loss, password forgetting, recovery code loss and recovery code theft. Mykeymykeymykey view more announced that after the three-month public test and the incentive plan for invitation to register, a total of 5260 people registered through MyKey from August 21 to August 22 (UTC + 0), accounting for the new smart contract platform used by eoseoseoseos to build distributed applications. Dpos consensus mechanism is adopted, the speed is more than 100000 TPS, identity authentication is supported, and zero handling fee payment is provided. Founder Daniel Larimer has successfully founded bitshares and stemmit, both of which have a market value of more than $800 million. EOS has partnered with galaxy, the largest crypto digital hedge fund in the US, to invest exclusively in the EOS ecosystem. EOS view more 73.96% of the total number of registered people in the whole network, and all of them have completed KYC certification. MyKey said that it will continue to lower the threshold of EOS use, and ordinary users do not need to be troubled by CPU / net / ram, nor need to worry about the risk of private key loss. According to block123.com, MyKey is an autonomous identity system based on multiple blockchains. From the perspective of digital asset management, MyKey is also a decentralized Multi Chain Wallet. Through digital currency storage, trading, financial management, games and communities, MyKey is also a decentralized Multi Chain Wallet,

According to Yonhap, the Bank of Korea (the country's central bank) plans to set up and test the CBDC pilot system next year. In July this year, the Bank of Korea completed the design / demand and technical review based on the central bank's digital currency (CBDC), and on this basis, promoted the CBDC work process analysis and external consultation of the second phase project. The third phase will check whether the CBDC system can operate normally in the restricted environment. In addition to issuing CBDC, the Bank of Korea also decided to review the technical and legal requirements for the introduction of CBDC, and run the CBDC test system to cope with changes in the internal and external payment environment. Lianwen previously reported that in March this year, South Korea has launched a 22 month digital currency pilot program. In May, the Bank of Korea released a research report on the development status of foreign central banks' digital money (focusing on the progress of TechnoloDifferential Digital Currency Fundgy Research), and said that it would use the latest IT technology such as decentralization technology in the future digital currency experiment, so as to innovate and develop the future payment and settlement system. In June, the Bank of Korea set up the central bank digital currency legal advisory group to help review and revise legal issues related to the central bank's digital currency.

A notice on public consultation of the law of the people's Republic of China (Draft Amendment) was issued. According to the draft, RMB includes both physical and digital forms, which provides legal basis for the issuance of digital currency. To prevent the risk of virtual currency, no unit or individual is allowed to make or sell token bills and digital tokens to replace RMB in circulation on the market (articles 19 and 22).

Benjamin diokono, governor of the Central Bank of the Philippines, said the bank had set up a committee to study the feasibility and policy implications of issuing the central bank's digital currency. He said the team's findings must be reviewed before a decision can be made, and preliminary findings are expected to be released next month. However, he said he had not seen the development of digital currency affect the demand fDifferential Digital Currency Fundor fiat money. Cryptocurrency is not only an asset itself, but also depends on the blockchain technology supporting it.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia may lead to a shift in the way people pay for the disease. People worry that cash may be a vehicle for the spread of the new crown pneumonia virus, which may stimulate the demand for digital money, including the central bank's digital currency (CBDC), according to a report released by the BIS. Central banks have taken steps to disinfect cash, although it is less likely to spread through cash notes than other exposure media, the report said. One possible outcome is that a resilient and easily accessible central bank payment infrastructure may quickly become more prominent, including the central bank digital currency (CBDC).