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20% of the feedback agencies in the survey said they were exploring the possibility of issuing central bank digital currency, but the work was at an early stage, with only four reported tests. After the release of the report, it was interpreted by some blockchain media as IMF's plan to issue the global digital currency imfcoin. In fact, at the end of 2017, some media had speculated and hyped the news of IMF's plan to issue the global digital currency imfcoin. In September 2017, Christine Lagarde, President of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), published the theme "central banking and financial technology - a beautiful new world" at the celebration of the Bank of England's 20th anniversary of independence? Later, she was interpreted by manytether burn revoke digital currency media as suggesting that the organization intends to launch a global digital currency imfcoin similar to bitcoin under the special drawing rights (SDR) mechanism, aiming to replace the existing reserve currency. Since then, speculation about imfcoin has not been confirmed by the IMF.

Dbsdigital exchange will provide exchange services, spot trading services and custody services between four French currencies (SGD, US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen) and four most mature digital assets (BTC, ETH, BCH and XRP).

According to the business daily, Chen Jining, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Committee and mayor, said that at present, three aspects of work are mainly considered. First, focus on the development of digital economy and regulatory technology, focus on the development of digital economy and regulatory technology. From the perspective of the government, we should focus on breaking through the scientific and technological breakthroughs in the underlying and general technologies, continue to deepen the pilot of suptether burn revoke digital currencyervision sandbox, promote the construction of legal digital currency Experimental Zone and digital currency financial system, and promote the construction of trade financial zone relying on the trade finance blockchain platform of the central bank The standard system of block chain will pay close attention to the maintenance of financial security, and build a financial science and technology development ecology that not only ensures security, but also benefits innovation. Second, lay a solid foundation and promote the innovation of key technologies at the bottom. Third, deepen the opening up and promote the international development of financial science and technology.

The wxt token issued by wxt will be used as service fee in the product content. Holding wxt can also enjoy many discount benefits from merchants. NGC believes that WireX can really make digital currency payment mainstream in daily life.

The Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS) has officially announced the list of exemptions for payment service business licences. Entities on the list have obtained licenses and management rights for specific payment services or digital money related payment services in the period of exemption, including Singapore entities such as Alibaba, Alipay, and Amazonian. As for the exemption permission of payment services related to digital currency, nearly 200 companies, including coin security, okcoin, bitstamp, bhex, coinbase, coincola, tenx, upbit, ZB, hashkey (hashkeyhub and hashkeytech), and feu of firecoin group, etc., can operate legally in the exemption state before the formal license is issued. In addition, the exemption status will terminate after the 6-month or 12-month period specified by MAS, and the exemption period for digital currency payment services will end on July 28, this year; if an entity submits an application for a license under the payment services act, the exemption period ends when the application is approved or rejected by MAS. According to previous reports, the HKMA announced that the payment service act will be formally implemented from January 28, 2020, and all exchanges must submit application documents before tether burn revoke digital currencyFebruary 27, 2020.

According to Reuters, twitter officials confirmed that Indian Prime Minister modi's personal twitter account was hacked, asking fans to donate money to the relief fund through cryptocurrency, Reuters reported. Twitter officials say measures have been taken to protect them. Lianwen previously reported that in mid July, the twitter accounts of several celebrities, politicians and some companies were hacked, including apple, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Bill Gates, former US President Barack Obama, and US presidential candidate Biden, and other twitter accounts all released relevant information about digital currency phishing scams.

Hyperpayhyperpayhyperpay is a technoltether burn revoke digital currencyogy enterprise that aims to bring inclusive financial services to the world. It was first registered in Melbourne, Australia. The digital wallet project was launched in 2017 and officially launched in February 2018,